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What A Mug

During these uncertain times, we have had to look at a little diversification. We have introduced a brand new quality mug press to the studio and will hopefully offering a range of printed water bottles and a few other gift ideas soon.

This is a quality, full colour printing service available from 1 to 1,000 mugs. Printing can include Business logos, Sports Club logos, Family Photos and of course Theatre related mugs!

How do we print onto mugs?

We use a method called sublimation printing. In simple terms, it’s a method of printing that transfers a design into a material or fabric using ink and heat. In our case, first, a design is printed onto special paper. The inks that are used turn into gas when brought under heat, then combine with the mug and permanently print onto the mug. The effects are permanent and less prone to fading, as the ink is embedded in the mug's layers rather than simply laying on top like a normal print. This quick and effective digital print method is growing in popularity for smaller batch orders and those designs that rely on the details.



Take a look at some of our favourite mugs below!

Theatre Themed


Gift Ideas

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