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Gift's and Promotional Items

Show Week Big Sellers!

We can now provide mugs, keyrings, caps and much much more for you to sell during your show. Great idea as gifts too, personalise with your individual show for fantastic keep sakes which can also have some daily use as well! 'Don't be a Mug' get yours ordered today!

Our adorable Theatre Bears are looking for new 'luvvie' homes.


They are around 20cm tall and are fully house trained! They come with a choice of clothing of t-shirt or hoodie which will be personalised to your own choice. The ideal gift for your own 'Drama Queen' or 'Little Dancer' and remember, no one is ever too old for a Theatre Bear!

What about keyrings?


Publicise your show easily with our personalised Show Keyrings. Have your box office or ticket hotline detailed on the reverse so that you will never be without an opportunity to book someone some tickets! 


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November 2016

Always bringing in new lines!

We've got great styles constantly launching coming. Sleeveless hoodies, short midrfi hoodies and whole lot more dancing goodies.  Keep an eye on Twitter Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date info.

Gift Range

Bears, Boas, Ballpoints and Bags! Gifts are available for your group, show, business or just for the heck of it!

Promoting Your Show

When you work with us we'll promote your show, event or business through our social media pages and in our Upcoming Shows section.