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All our ranges are available in dark colours with dark printing for the backstage team

The backstage crew are often the unsung heroes of any performance...but that doesn't mean they can't join the team with promotional clothing designed especially for them!  Our range of Hoodies, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Vests and Sweatshirts are all available in a range of dark colours, available with a mix of print and embroidery in darker tones.


Feel free to call and chat through for advice on colour mixes, embroidery options and printing.  We can offer you suggestions based on your performance's themes, and do what we can to make your backstage crew selection up-to-date.   We've highlighted below the darker tones from our ranges - for full colours view the clothing range from the main menu...

T-Shirts & Polo Shirts - Long-Sleeve & Short

Another wide range of polo shirts and standard T-Shirts,   for all cast and crew members.  Again, pick dark colour mixes to achieve the 'invisible' backstage look.


Plain and standard T-Shirts are recommended for printing only, due to the materials involved.  They can be printed front and back.  If emboidery is a must, then we recommend a Polo Shirt, as the coarser material enable a good embroidered reproduction of your chosen design.  With embroidery on the front, we'd recommend printing on the reverse.

Classic & Two-Tone Hoodies

Browse through the selection of Classic Hoodies and NEW Two-Tone Hoodies, and select matching dark tone print for ideal backstage wear.


All Hoodies are available with either print or emboidery, on front and back.  Our Two-Tone style allows a mix and match of colours with the neck string and inner hood. 


Click here to view the full colour range of Hoodies...

Our Emboidery Service is available on all our Polo Shirts & Hoodies.  There are unlimited colour options, chat to us now for a quotation.


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November 2016

Always bringing in new lines!

We've got great styles constantly launching coming. Sleeveless hoodies, short midrfi hoodies and whole lot more dancing goodies.  Keep an eye on Twitter Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date info.

Gift Range

Bears, Boas, Ballpoints and Bags! Gifts are available for your group, show, business or just for the heck of it!

Promoting Your Show

When you work with us we'll promote your show, event or business through our social media pages and in our Upcoming Shows section.